Shaping the Analytical Future

Unlocking the
Data Science


We believe that "Data Science needs to be unlocked”

Science needs to be simpler and the Data needs to be easier to understand.  This will accelerate the transformation of organizations, society and the economy.


Data Economy


We decode the tangible and intangible elements of Big Data's impact and create tools to help in an analytical future.

These studies help global leaders in their current decisions, and identify issues that will be part of our lives in the very near future creating strategic, social, or organizational movements.

We identify important issues and opportunities related to the Big Data phenomenon.
We investigate the impact of data on society, economy and organizations.
We decode all of this in analysis and theories that explain the analytical evolution.



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Our studies explain the impact of data on society and business, and expose future scenarios, making it easier to adapt to this analytical future. They are presented in reports, analysis and workshops. 

Some examples of studies are:
+ Big Data Society
+ The unicorn data scientist
+ Infoxication
+ Decision-Making Gaps
+ Failing Algorithms
+ Swim Lanes
+ Data Science Skills
+ Decoding of social behavior




In our laboratories, we study the most unique theories and techniques, gather scientists, researchers, institutions and companies. They all work for long periods of time prototyping, testing hypotheses and developing the best practices to use. They then create methods that simplify data science and accelerate analytical development to provide more efficiency in a world flooded with data.

Some of the models developed in our laboratories are currently used in private, social and public organizations around the world, such as the US Government, The World Bank, Google, Santander, Rede Globo, Unilever, Ambev, Itaú, Coca-Cola and many others.



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The Cappra Data Science methodologies are shaped by analytical tools created in our laboratory, then applied in real environments with complex problems, and are constantly updated.

Some examples of these tools are:
+ Analytical Development Frameworks
+ Data-driven Workflows
+ Data Science Methods
+ New Analysis Models
+ Processes for the design of analytical products
+ Tools for measuring teams
+ Measurement Systems
+ Workflow for building dashboards
+ Frames for KPI's design


Members of
Data Science Lab


We create the opportunity for organizations that need to be ahead of the market.  They connect directly to our data science laboratory in the US, participating in the scientific design process. The "Member Organizations" are involved in the creation of new projects, are engaged in the process of creating methods directly with our research and development team, and are placed in a test environment that stimulates error and innovation, generating value only when hypotheses are validated.

The benefits for member organizations are:
+ Continuous transfer of knowledge
+ Development of professional specialists
+ Creation of new models and generation of innovation
+ Exclusive intellectual property


Shaping the
Analytical Future


Organizations around the world use methods developed by CAPPRA, for all different purposes. We help by decoding the data economy, shaping analytic evolution, driving analytical transformation, prototyping data science, democratizing science and analytic culture, and empowering the analytic community.

It's always about people looking for simpler ways to use the data.  We help shape this more analytical future, where data is not the resource of experts, but a path to collective empowerment.


“The future will
inevitably become
more and more

Ricardo Cappra | Chief Scientist